Making My Handbag

As some of you know... I have been working on a design certificate from The New School: Parsons. Early in the program I had to draw an accessory that is carried. I was obsessed with feathers at that time and drew a handbag that I think is fun and flirty which displays ostrich feathers. Here is my drawing:


I made the mock-up of my drawing out of light weight cardboard and used paper for the trim and shoulder strap. The size dimensions are what I would want to carry for this style of handbag. Here is my cardboard example:

     8"(Bottom Length) x 7"(High) x 4"(Wide) and length across the top is 6". The handbag closes with a bronze metal Kiss Clasp. The shoulder strap is 27"(L) x 1"(W). In order to create this item I would order all of the materials from at this point. 

-Sheets of cardstock are $8.99 for a pack of 50....2 sheets needed = $0.36 

-Purple leather by NAT will make the outer layer of this handbag.=     $10.99 per bag.

- Black Polyester from Richland Textiles will be used for the liner. It is $3.30/yd, so for each garment the liner would cost $9.86

-Piping cord trim 109yds for $6.99. 22" of piping is needed on each side. $0.08 per bag.

-The Front and Back panels will be of silver faux leather by Yotache PU vinyl which will be sublimated with the Peacock Feather image. 1yd at 54" wide = $22.89. the cost of this material per bag is..............................................$0.64

-Sublimation print onto the Silver  Faux Leather......................................$1.00

- Tulead metal Kiss Clasp Purse Frame 5pcs for $11.99 which =        $2.40/bag

-D-hooks attach the shoulder strap to the bag- Hotop Store $6.99

for 60 pieces.  Two D-Rings are required for this bag$0.12x2=           $0.24

The total cost for materials needed to create this handbag is....          $25.57.

Minimum wage in Chicago is $15.00 pr hour in 2021. So add 1 hour to the cost of production materials.                                                                        $25.57



I would give this item a retail price of $125. When pricing items on a food menu we always multiply the cost of ingredients by 3. This is a design that is hand created and high quality materials were used to produce the item. I choose quality over quantity ANY day.