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Making My Handbag

As some of you know... I have been working on a design certificate from The New School: Parsons. Early in the program I had to draw an accessory that is carried. I was obsessed with feathers at that time and drew a handbag that I think is fun and flirty which displays ostrich feathers. Here is my drawing:   I made the mock-up of my drawing out of light weight cardboard and used paper for the trim and shoulder strap. The size dimensions are what I would want to carry for this style of handbag. Here is my cardboard example:      8"(Bottom Length) x 7"(High) x 4"(Wide) and length across the top is 6". The handbag closes with a...

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One Little Tid-bit of My Parson's Fashion School Trip

I am nearing the end of a certificate program that I began close to a year ago. I could have finished the course requirements long ago, but I turned my focus towards my e-commerce sites that I started on Shopify.  This blog is pertaining to a previous assignment which I had to create an accessory out of unconventional materials and things that were just around me......but, the item that I designed had to be inspired by a photo on my Pinterest "Inspiration Board". So, for this current and particular assignment, I am to price each material in my creation and calculate the cost of materials along with the wage I would pay an employee to produce it and then figure...

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